Published On: Tue, Jul 19th, 2016

The rapid evolvement Turkish housing sector has gone through in recent decades

Many years ago the construction sector in Turkey operated in a traditional manner and did not use modern construction techniques and marketing tools. With the heating competition locally and arising of immense business opportunities in the Middle East as well as Turkic Republics (former Soviet Russia) Turkish construction companies underwent a major improvement and in fact have a word to say on a global basis, at present.

It goes without saying the changing requirements of customers had a major impact on this rapid evolvement, as well.

As compared to many years ago customers are much more selective and careful in their choices. They know what they want and they do not hesitate to demand it. Thus the importance of concepts such as planning and targeted audience started becoming crucial to survive in a heating competition.

The customer today is choosy and even fussy. In the past the understanding was “This is what I produce. You don’t have to take it if you don’t like it”. Today however this understanding is over and the deal is done: The customer is the boss and it is important that the property complies to his/her wishes.

This new way of transaction with customers sometimes teaches companies something new and important too. For instance, the fact that “location and transportation – besides price naturally – are the two most important elements besides influencing the choice of the customer” was not so well known to contractors, until a short while ago. Now however they give serious consideration to this point at the stage of planning a project making sure the end product is what the customer requires.

It goes without saying the improved technologies have contributed to the success of the sector and indeed on a global level as well. However, the sector has also learned “customer has the final say” and could never be put in the second plan.

Today Turkish contractors are able to erect modern and comfortable buildings and residential areas in major cities such as Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir as well as touristic regions such as FETHIYE and BODRUM. When one looks at those finished buildings one can see these are state-of-art pieces many property investors would consider buying for a profitable investment. In fact, it has been reported by many survey companies that the Turkish property market has been enjoying a much bigger demand from foreign buyers today as compared to several years ago.;


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