Published On: Sun, Jun 10th, 2018

The whole world focuses on the summit between Kim and Trump on June 12th

Following mutual hostile statements between two countries, Donald Trump of the USA and Kim Jong-un of North Korea will finally come together in Singapore on 12 June 2018. The two leaders will have issues of nuclear disarmament and security will on the table at the summit regarded as an important step towards converting an on-going armistice status since the Korean War in 1950-53, to a lasting peace status.

It was reported that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un had come to Singapore for said summit with US President Donald Trump in the afternoon and his plane had landed at Singapore Airport under high security measures.

Donald Trump on the other hand is on his way to join the critical summit scheduled for 12 June in with Kim Jong-in and Air Force One carrying Donald Trump reported to have landed at Crete’s SUDA base at 3.07 in the morning. The plane, which took off from SUDA Base at 04:41 is expected to land at Paya Lebar base in Singapore after 10 hours.

Hopefully this important summit does not end up to turn into a “dog and pony show” of Mr. Trump.

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