Published On: Sun, Jan 7th, 2018

Threat from President Erdoğan to cut ties with US over jailing of Turkish banker

Turkey’s President says he believes 2018 will be a much more successful year

Turkey’s President Erdoğan –

It is reported that Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has threatened to cut bilateral agreements between his country and the US after denouncing America’s justice system. A U.S. court convicted a Turkish banker on Wednesday following a trial that included testimony of corruption by top Turkish officials. In his first public comments on the verdict, Mr Erdogan cast the case as a US plot to undermine the government and economy of Turkey – a key Nato ally.

“If this is the U.S. understanding of justice, then the world is doomed,” Mr Erdogan told a news conference before his departure to France for an official visit. He continued: “The bilateral accords between us are losing their validity. I am saddened to say this, but this is how it will be from now on.”

The trial saw a jury convict Mehmet Hakan Atilla, an executive at Turkey’s majority state-owned Halkbank, of evading Iran sanctions.

Some of the court testimony implicated senior Turkish officials, including Mr Erdogan. Ankara said the case was based on fabricated evidence.

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