Published On: Wed, Jan 24th, 2018

Time for Turkey to get ready for industry 4.0 and the “digital age”

Time for Turkey to get ready for industry 4.0 and the "digital age"

Digital Age and Turkey –


Turkey has survived a real difficult time. Despite this, some experts think that the growth momentum achieved in the third quarter shows both the growth has spread all the way to the bottom and how strong the fundamentals of the economy are.  They also expect the economy to grow regularly in 2018 not ignoring the inflation certainly.

Many comment it is time Turkey starts investing in industry as capacity utilization rates are recorded at 80 percent in the country. The government should not deny any support and incentives required by the industry to encourage companies to invest. At this point one thing is of vital importance though; Investors to be provided with incentives should use whatever facility is granted in the right manner and at the right place.

On the other hand, everybody is talking about another revolution in industry world called 4.0. The question is “Does this term refer to machines only”. Does it have to do with mechanics and all?”

When we talk about investments, it is not only limited to machines and factories. The term here relates to a much wider perspective. We are talking about the digital age, “AI” (Artificial Intelligence) and all… We are not even talking about the future. This has to do with today and now, meaning we cannot and should not waste another day to get going.

In a very short time from today, it will impossible to talk about a media without the touch of digitalization. We are talking about an era of artificial intelligence, unmanned vehicles etc. Therefore the answer to above question is “those who will not be able to keep pace with the developments of the digital age are bound to be losers of the future”.  Accordingly, Turkey has to be one of the first countries to upgrade to Industry 4.0, to use it in manufacturing, tourism, education and health sectors as a priority.

Turkey also has to create global brands such as WhatsApp, Viber and Spotify which nobody knew until a short while ago. Turkey has to do it as well if it wants to be in the digital game ahead.

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