Published On: Mon, Dec 25th, 2017

Tosyalı Holding builds one of the world’s top five roof-type solar power plants

Tosyalı Holding Solar Panel Systems – Turkey

Turkey has eventually realized the importance of renewable energy resources and taken serious steps towards increasing the supply of electricity using solar energy and wind energy facilities mainly. Within this scope private establishments have started finalizing projects to contribute to the master plan of the country. Tosyalı Holding, a steel company is among the leading groups in this regard.

Tosyalı Holding which works on environmental and renewable energy projects has recently finalized installation of a roof type solar power plant at TOSÇELİK ERW Pipe Profile Production Facility at Organized Industrial Zone in Osmaneli.

The electricity of the TOSÇELİK ERW Pipe Profiling Factory which is the largest steel pipe plant in Europe with a total area of ​​200,000 m2 is supplied from this solar production facility. The solar plant is known to be among the world’s top five roof-type solar power plants. Thus Tosyalı Holding contributes to the reduction of energy imports, which constitutes a significant part of the current account deficit of our country thanks to said project.

In the project where the world’s biggest producer of thin-film solar panels are used the group has planned to produce at least 10 percent more energy as compared to standard panels in the project even in high ambient temperature and low daylight conditions. The group is scheduled to continue to increase their investments in energy resources.

Tosyalı Facilities in Algeria –


Tosyalı is the leading group among Turkey’s private sector invetors with Tosçelik profil ve Sac Endüstrisi AŞ, Tosyalı Demir Çelik Sanayi AŞ, Tosçelik Granül Sanayi AŞ, Tosyalı Foreign Trade A.Ş.  The group has its head office in Hatay İskenderun and operates many production facilities in Osmaniye, Istanbul, Izmir, Algeria, and Serbia Montenegro.


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