Travel Blogs attract many visitors on the internet

Travel blogging has become quite popular with the rise in the popularity of the internet during the last decade.

Quite a few blog writers have been successful in making their blogs popular all over the world and in fact been quite a competition to Travel & Tourism sites on the web.

One cannot help asking “How is it possible for a single guy (or gal) to make it to the top without enough support such as capital and staff etc. when companies with all these opportunities fail to make their web pages known to as many visitors worldwide?”

We believe the answer is;

  • Because Travel Blogs are “NATURAL & FRIENDLY”.. There is nothing exaggerated or commercialized in the content. When you are addicted to reading (following) such blog it is like “you are personally travelling” with the writer(s).
  • and with most successful blogs the language is nicely (but not boring) descriptive and the photos simply take you away to those destinations…

To provide a very nice example, we would like to introduce herewith a blog writer from Canada (maybe not as this person is hardly there); Audrey Bergner.. The name of her blog is that backpacker

The question is “why do we put a travel blog that has nothing to do with Turkey, on our web site?

Well the answer is;

  • because these people (Audrey and her boyfriend Samuel) have added us on Twitter giving us the opportunity to meet such nice people with nice blogs
  • and we also hope and believe they will visit Turkey one day soon and write a lot about this country to help promote it over the globe

When you look at Audrey’s blog you can see how plain and easy to follow it is.. And she has surely been successful so far (that’s what Alexa says).. The same goes for other site the couple run; It is called “backpacking travel blog” and already a success as well (says Alexa again)

We thought we should give a brake to writing about economy and politics etc (which is our main line of interest) and not miss the chance of sharing the work of this nice couple with you “for a change”…Because our mission is also sharing beautiful things with people all over the world.

Editor, BTT

Editor’s note: If you still stick to the idea we should have been referring to something having to do with Turkey, you might as well go to below link and enjoy reading a very successful blog called WWW. TURKISHTRAVELBLOG.COM about this country. The owner is Natalie SAYIN.

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