Published On: Mon, Oct 15th, 2018

Treasury and Finance Minister delivers promising messages regarding economy

Treasury and Finance Minister deliveres promising messages regarding economy

Treasury and Finance Minister Berat ALBAYRAK delivered some promising messages regarding the future of Turkey’s economy at the “Target 2023 summit” held in Istanbul. He said, “The negative atmosphere related to our country has begun to disperse strongly” referring to the latest developments in the economy.

The minister went on to say following; “Certain circles have been trying to discredit Turkey & its principal projects for quite a while. Another country would have incurred a huge crisis in case of such speculative attacks we have faced recently. We will see that Turkey will overcome inflation and interest problems. We have seen that the negative atmosphere about our country has begun to disperse strongly.”

ALBAYRAK also said, “Exports have made a very good start in October and we have strong chances of seeing another record, in regards. We have started to see the balancing of economy thanks to exports. With the prevention of volatility in the exchange rate, the downward trend has started to show itself. There should be no doubt that this process will be realized even stronger. At the end of this process, we will see together that we have saved our economy from these two shackles called inflation and interest, step by step. This support will grow further and we will see the downward trend in fight against inflation in October, November and December figures”.

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