Published On: Sat, Oct 28th, 2017

Trump sends message on Republic Day to soften atmosphere between Turkey & USA

US President Trump has sent message to Turkey on Republic Day.

As diplomatic efforts to overcome the visa crisis between Turkey and the United States continue, Donald Trump has made an important gesture on October 29th, the Republic Day which is expected to contribute to softening the strained atmosphere between the two countries.

Thomas Shannon, US Secretary of State who attended the reception held by Serdar Kılıç, Turkey’s Ambassador in Washington on Friday evening, read the message of President Donald Trump.

According to American diplomatic customs, the president sends a letter of congratulation to heads of states on national days. The text Shannon read at the Turkish Embassy was actually the message sent from Trump to Erdogan, on October 29th. Trump underscored in his message the indispensability of the alliance relationship that has continued between the two countries, for 60 years.

The emphasis in said message that read “the reactions of determined Turkish citizens who made a strong claim to democracy on that tragic day, were actions reminding the importance of the press and fundamental freedoms for the protection of democracy”.

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