Published On: Tue, Jan 14th, 2020

Turk Telekom offers 1 hour free internet service for all users visiting Istanbul airport

TURK TELEKOM have announced  that passengers at the airport can connect to high technology mobile communication network of the company at the complex and experience high quality and fast communication. The company has installed 5 thousand access points to the airport which is one of the largest closed-area Wi-Fi networks in the world so that 200 thousand passengers can benefit. This way TURK TELEKOM provides users with access to the internet wherever, whenever and from any device.

The officials of the company note that passengers connected to the highest technology fully supported by fiber infrastructure and experience high quality and fast communication.

Moreover, passengers can continue to have WiFi internet access on the aircraft during their flights thanks to Turk Telekom.

According to the company statement, Türk Telekom provides 1 hour free internet access to users who connect via the IGA Wi-Fi network. After 1 hour of Free Use, users can purchase a paid package making a preference between 2 options, an all-day package or 2 hour package.

The good part is Türk Telekom also put together a mobile team providing 24/7 technical support at Istanbul Airport in for passengers to use these services in the most efficient way. The support team, which goes around the airport with Wi-Fi T-shirts, provides support to users both in kiosk use and in internet connection.

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