Published On: Sat, May 28th, 2011

Türk Traktör .. Turkey’s Largest Tractor and Agricultural Equipment Producer

TURK_TRACTORTürk Tractör exports half of its production to global markets including mainly the United States of America.

Born out of equal partnership between two giant groups, Koç Holding and CNH Global NV, Türk Traktör is one of the Turkish companies that is most open to the world.

It is the largest tractor and agricultural equipment producer in the country which spares half of its production for global markets. The number of such countries has gone up to 63 the USA being the biggest export destination, followed by Australia, Mexico, Algeria and EU countries.

Production without compromising from quality standards and competitive prices is deemed as one of the reasons behind the consistent growth of the company’s exports. Global sales network and after-sales service quality of CNH Global NV is also regarded as a contributing factor to its success in international markets.

Türk Traktör which was founded in 1954 to produce tractors only is now a company with a broad range of production in its sector including harvest-thresher, cotton-picking machine, self-propelled feed harvester, grape and olive harvesters, bailing machines, spraying equipment, planting/sowing and cultivation machines and drying machines.

With an annual production capacity of 35,000 tractors and 25,000 motors, the company’s share in the domestic market reached 52% in 2009. About 40 percent of 1,2 million tractors in operation ,n Turkey have been produced by Türk Traktör. The company’s after-sale services are also as strong as its production strength due to its 200 sale points and spare part dealers and more than 450 service centers.

Having adopted the “World Class Manufacturing” which is an international quality standard into its activities, Türk Traktör was given “Circle of Excellence” award due to its super performance in the development of TD/JX model by CNH in 2004. Türk Traktör is scheduled to produce new model tractors with a power of 55-65 -75 HP for the external market under the latest agreement signed between Türk Traktör and CNH



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