Published On: Tue, Dec 18th, 2012

Turkey: Giants clash for privatization of bridges & motorways

Business giants clash for bridge privatization

Highest bid for 2 bridges and 8 motorways comes from Koç and Ülker groups

The final negotiation talks on on the privatization tender for the the highway bridges with total length of 1975 miles were held in Ankara on 17th December 2012.

3 consortiums participated in the tender to grant the right to operate said facilities for 25 years, in a single package.

1-      Nurol Holding Inc. – MV Holding Inc. – Alsim Alarko Industrial Plants and Commerce Inc. – Kalyon Construction Industry and Trade Inc. – Fernas Construction Joint Venture Group Inc.,

2-      Koç Holding A.Ş. – UEM Group Berhad – Attraction Venture Capital Investment Trust Joint Venture Group Inc.

3-      Autostrade I’Italia SPA – Dogus Holding, Inc. – Makyol Construction Industry, Tourism and Trade Inc. – Akfen Holding A.Ş. Joint Venture Group.

The highest bid in the first round was US$ 3.83 billion.

After two other groups were eliminated from the tender the consortium of Koç Holding, Gözde Girişim and Malaysia’s UEM Group Berhad won the competition with a bid of $5.72 billion.

A revenue of over $ 6 billion  was expected from the tender. The cost of 2 bridges were US$ 421 million. After privatization all costs to include maintenance and repair of said bridges and motorways are to be covered by the winner. The General Directorate of Highways are to inspect such activities.


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