Published On: Thu, Feb 14th, 2019

Turkey determined to stick to S-400 agreement with Russia

Turkey determined to stick to S-400 agreement with Russia

At a time when the Middle East has been heating up for a long time, Turkey decided to make a very critical agreement with Russia to buy S-400 missiles which are considered be among best weapons on earth at the moment. The reason stated by Turkey was that the USA did not stick to its engagement to deliver Turkey Patriot missiles as agreed earlier and owing to national security reasons Turkey was obliged to make arrangements with another source – which happens to be Russia in this case – to obtain similar weapons.

On the other hand, a delegation from the United States had submitted bids for the sale of Patriot missile systems to Turkey in early January. However, according to reports in the press last week, a US official was reported to have said “In case Turkey buys S-400 systems, this will put its participation in F-35 project in jeopardy and the process for the Patriot sales will stop and it will also open the door to implementation of sanctions”.

In fact a US official noted that Washington had asked Turkey to give a formal response on the proposals presented Turkey, until tomorrow.

Mr. Volkan BOZKIR, President of Turkey’s Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Commission holding talks in the USA together with a group of Turkish parliamentarians answered questions forwarded by journalists regarding S-400 systems Turkey is to buy from Russia and proposal presented by the United States for Patriot systems.

Regarding the issue Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Commission President Volkan BOZKIR said, “We signed an agreement on the purchase of S-400, most of the money was paid. We will be loyal to the agreement on the S-400, and they will come”.

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