Published On: Sat, Aug 19th, 2017

Turkey enjoys major growth in aviation sector as compared to many developing countries

Thanks to the emerging economy in Turkey, this country has enjoyed major growth in aviation sector as well as compared to many developing and European countries. As of beginning of August 2017, an increase of 265 percent is observed in the number of passenger airplanes in addition to the 41.8 percent increase in the number of business jets, as compared to 2008.

Based on the information provided by the authority (General Directorate of Civil Aviation / SHGM) Turkey has become the fastest growing country in the field of aviation in recent years. While European countries and some developing countries are struggling with economic problems, the developing economy in Turkey has achieved high growth in aviation as well as in many sectors. Accordingly, while international air transport sector has grown by 5.6 percent in the last decade, Turkey has enjoyed a major growth of 14 percent during the same period. To enhance this observation for instance, flight points in this country went up to 295 end of June this year, from 152 in 2008.

On the other hand the major increase in the number of business jets draws attention in specific to provide an idea about the growing business environment.

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