Published On: Mon, Oct 17th, 2016

Turkey has managed to leave behind many major countries in automotive exports.

Turkish Automotive Sector has been the leading sector in Turkish exports for 11 years now. In fact Turkey has left behind many countries in the world again showing a great success in exportation of automotive products abroad. Based on the evaluation report prepared by the Automotive Industry Association (OSD) for January-September 2016 period, Turkey has surpassed countries such as Japan, USA and Korea as far as automotive exportation to EU is concerned. Turkey supplied 22 percent of the cars and 65 percent of the commercial vehicles imported by EU, alone during this period.

The report shows that the automotive industry which has preserved its leadership in exportation performance among all sectors in the country for 11 years has even outperformed the world’s largest automotive countries in this area.

The Turkish automotive industry exported 299 thousand 356 cars and 179 thousand 639 commercial vehicles in the first half of the year. Next in the row comes Japan with 278,000 units of exports to EU followed by South Korea with 202,000 and USA with 125,000 units.

On the other hand Turkey has even a much distinct superiority regarding exportation of commercial vehicles with a figure of approx. 180 thousand units, followed by China with a performance of 37 thousand.

Needless to say automotive sector provides great contribution to Turkey’s external revenues providing a very meaningful impact on the budget.

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