Published On: Wed, May 15th, 2019

Turkey has to cope with worst problems in its history concerning foreign affairs

Turkey has to cope with worst problems in its history concerning foreign affairs

It is no secret that Turkey has been deeply involved in economic problems for quite a long while now, to include high interest rates, high inflation, record-breaking unemployment and weakness of Turkish lira against foreign currencies. Moreover issues regarding questions raised about Turkey’s judiciary seem to have been chronic.

On top of all, Turkey has become entangled in very complicated foreign policy issues, such as the conflict in Syria, YPG problem next to its south eastern border, S400 missile purchase deal with Russia and tough objection from the US and last but not least growing crisis in Cyprus.

It would not be exaggeration to note that President ERDOGAN is facing serious problems with both US President TRUMP and Russian President Putin, nowadays. TRUMP who consider USA to be the partner of YPG in Syria (extension of PKK in Syria) has already threatened he would ruin the Turkish economy in case Turkey (US ally in Nato) attacked YPG.

On the other hand there is a very strong possibility that Turkey could face economic sanctions to be imposed by the USA as continuation of sanctions imposed on Iran which is Turkey’s partner in Syria and the major supplier of oil.

Then again, the USA has also threatened Turkey not to deliver F-35 aircraft which Turkey contributes to as a co-producer in case Turkey purchases S400 missiles from Russia. If ERDOGAN agrees to cancel (or delay etc.) purchase of said weapons from Russia, the reaction to be shown by PUTIN who Turkey has partnered with in Syria could also cause Turkey’s President an additional headache and a very serious one it goes without saying. The reason being it is no secret Turkey has been able to make necessary moves in Syria with the consent of Russia all this time.

Now, on top all these, another very serious problem (sleeping for a while maybe) has emerged in quite a powerful manner again; the issue of Cyprus and oil exploration rights around the island. Turkey has obviously received several warnings from the US and the EU noting it should not violate the rights of Northern Cyprus in this regard. Turkey in return draws attention to the rights of Turkey as well as the Turkish people on the island. This issue could also turn out to be a major conflict for Turkey on top of all other problems currently faced.

However, despite this discouraging picture, President ERDOGAN seems to be mostly (and very strongly) focused on the issue of “HOW TO WIN” Istanbul local elections to be repeated on June 23.

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