Published On: Sat, Feb 20th, 2016

Turkey Ireland Business Council to improve relations between Turkey & Ireland


Turkey Ireland Business Council to improve relations between Turkey & Ireland

DEIK (Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey) / Turkey-Ireland Business Council has recently stepped up its efforts to develop business relations between Turkey and Ireland. In this context, members of the council have met with related persons in regards, attended some events such as “Ambassadors’ Conference in Ankara” and paid some visits.

During all this time the council has had issues such as “Determining priority sectors, sector specific meetings and workshops, Turkish fresh fruit and vegetable exporters’ delegation visit to Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day Activities, 17 March 2016 and visit of President of Ireland, H.E. Michael D. Higgins” on its agenda.

MEETING-ENTERPRISE-IRELANDTogether with the chairman of DEIK Turkey-Ireland Business Council, we met with H.E. NECİP EGÜZ (Turkey’s Ambassador in Dublin), on the occasion of “Ambassadors’ Conference in Ankara” on January 10th and had the opportunity to discuss some of our topics on the agenda.

On the other hand, we also paid a visit to H.E. Brendan Ward, Ireland’s Ambassador at his residence in Ankara on January 11th. The meeting was very efficient and encouraging.

Then again, in the meeting we had with Jonathan RYAN (responsible person for ENTERPRISE IRELAND operating in our country to develop business relations between our two countries) and his team, it was agreed that both countries were open and willing to improve commercial ties with each other. However, it seems that there is room for improvement concerning branding of both countries.  Potential sectors which both countries could mutually benefit from are in the field of Aviation, Technology, Agriculture/Machinery, Renewable Energy and Education.

It was also agreed that these topics could be discussed at the highest level during the visit of H.E. MICHAEL D. HIGGINS, the president of Ireland in May 2016 and necessary arrangements should be carried out accordingly.

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Ms. Semiha ÜNAL (Consultant for Business in Turkey)
Owner & Director of BUSINESS SUPPORT TURKEY Ltd. Co.

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