Published On: Mon, Oct 10th, 2011

Turkey.. Leader in Construction Iron

TURKISH_STEELTurkey is Europe’s second and the world’s 10th largest country in iron and steel production.

In 2009, Turkey became the third country showing the best performance following China and India.

Production that started in 15,000 ton capacity plants 80 years ago, exceeded 6 million tons in 1980s and 15 million tons in 1990s.

Between 2002 and 2008 , Turkey’s crude steel production rose from 14,3 million tons to 26,8 million tons with an increase of 87 percent.

Share of exports which accelerated in 1980s, in production has exceeded 50 percent since 2000s.

During 2008 crisis, Turkey was among 15 countries (out of 64) that succeeded to increase their production.

The capacity surplus in the world steel production creates pressure on prices seriously and with the declining demand this pressure is felt more severely in stagnant periods, in specific.

All in all, the sector has some very energetic companies actively paving their way to larger shares and revenues in the global market. Turkey is certainly one of the key players in the industry with even stronger prospects for the future.

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Turkey is 10th among 64 steel manufacturing countries in the world.
It is 2nd largest manufacturer in Europe, following Germany and the world’s 7th largest exporter.
The country is world’s largest exporter in construction iron.
2,1 percent of world’s iron and steel industry products are manufactured in Turkey.
Turkey has 25,3 million tons of production in iron and steel industry
75 percent of the production is exported to 150 countries
Turkey’s share in EU -27 iron and steel production is 18,3 percent
Share in EU-15 is 21,5 percent
A total of 21 modern factories are operating in the sector
Total production capacity is 40,5 million tons
The industry employs 33,000 people


Skilled labor
Nearness to European export markets
Quality production
Competition based on quality rather than price
Strong support of logistics sector
Non-stop technology investments


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