Published On: Sun, Jan 28th, 2018

Turkey offers better quality accommodation facilities than Spain, Greece and Italy

It is mentioned by several experts that the quality of hotels in Turkey is superior to those in Spain, Greece and Italy. Facilities in Turkey usually have large gardens, fully equipped kitchens, animation rooms for children, swimming pools etc. for their guests to make their stay more comfortable and enjoyable.

On the other hand it is good to know for Turkey that about 4 million German tourists are expected to visit this country in 2018 as the tension between Turkey and some European countries such as the Netherlands and Germany observed during elections in Europe last year has come down to a minimum level.

Today, Turkey has three important advantages as far as tourism industry is concerned. First, Turkey has the world’s most powerful tourism army, meaning many operators, marketers, professionals actively struggling all over Europe trying to bring home sales and foreign revenues. Secondly, accommodation facilities in Turkey are superior to those in competing countries (as explained above).

On top of those two advantages, today Turkey has fallen of the negative political agenda it suffered from last year, which surely cost a lot of booking cancellations in 2017.

Experts believe Turkey already has enough state-of-the-art facilities of large size and what it really needs today is authentic family managed facilities with maximum 20-50 rooms where one can experience Turkish cuisine and hospitality etc. which would bring more uniqueness to the sector.

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