Published On: Sat, Jan 25th, 2014

Turkish e-commerce market offers brilliant growth prospects

A survey has shown that the e-commerce marketin Turkey is set to grow substantially due to the wide usage levels of broadband internet and considerable growth of the per capita income in between 2002-2012.

Turkey is considered to enjoy a big advantage of possessing a young and technology-addicted population and an internet market of 50 million active users, locally. Judging on the findings as per recent surveys this country certainly offers greatest prospects for hungry world giants operating in the IT sector.

In fact, the e-commerce sector in Turkey has grown to a figure OF USD 13 billion approx. in 2011 corresponding to a growth rate of 50 percent as compared to 2010.

It is reported that the new e-commerce Code which is expected to enter into effect in January 2013 may contribute to the fast growth of the sector. The promising fact is that only 4 percent of Turkey’s internet users do online shopping, at present.

Experts forecast this figure could go up to 25 percent in a short period of time at which point the e-commerce volume would see a figure of USD 140 billion.

Currently, there are over 10,000 e-commerce companies operating in Turkey. It is also reported that Turkish internet start-ups have managed to attract f foreign investment of USD 750 million in the last two years.



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