Published On: Fri, Apr 22nd, 2016

Turkey performs well in auto industry sector in 2015 thanks to many foreign investments

Turkey, a country with major problems originating from the Middle East turmoil and internal political problems it has to solve, is reported to accomplish considerably good economic performances in some fields.

Among these sectors is the automotive industry and figures show that the country broke production & export records in 2015.

According to OSD (Automotive Manufacturers Association of Turkey) automotive plants in the country produced 1,360,000 vehicles in 2015,

Based on concerned report Turkey broke records in both production and exports as 992,000 vehicles produced in Turkey reached export markets and a total figure of1,7 million vehicles were manufactured in said year.

These figures also show that production went up by 16 percent while exports went up by 12 percent over the preceding year. The good news is the figures forecasted for 2016 are expected to surpass this performance from 2015 and reach a figure of 1,9 million vehicles annually as new investments in model additions and capacity increases are known to be underway and the industry has full support from the government

Turkey ranks first in commercial vehicle production in Europe. The country is the seventh largest automotive producer in the continent and sixteenth in the world with many automotive companies that have operations in the country.

Turkey has become a manufacturing and export hub for global automotive brands such as Ford, Fiat, Hyundai, Renault, Toyota, Honda and obviously a design and engineering center in this field.

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