Published On: Mon, Dec 11th, 2017

Turkey ranks third in health tourism in Europe

Turkey ranks third in health tourism in Europe

Istanbul Health Expo Fair and Congress which attracted a great deal of attention was held in Yeşilköy Istanbul. The event received participation from 20 countries to include countries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kosovo, Jordan, Lebanon, Iran and Iraq. Speakers drew attention to Turkey’s income goal of $ 5.6 billion in medical tourism and the fact that Turkey was in the 3rd place in Europe and 7th in the world in Health Thermal Tourism and examined the work done in this field.

Istanbul Health Expo, where conferences, seminars and symposiums are given on specific topics for health workers, also brought together healthcare products and projects of foreign manufacturers with foreign buyers.

In the International Conference on Integrated Health and Care, many interesting topics in the health field such as Turkey’s place in the world of health care tourism, medical tourism targets of Turkey, place of thermal health tourism in elderly care patients, health and safety at national and international scale were brought to the table.

At the International Conference in which many interesting topics in the health field were brought to the agenda, 70 sessions were held with more than 200 speakers, 3500 participants from 20 countries and 500 foreigners.

The Director of the Department for Family and Social Policies described the goals of Turkey’s care tourism and said Turkey was among the top 5 countries in the medical tourism industry with $ 5.6 billion in income and added “We organize our work in handicapped and elderly care tourism according to the goals of health tourism”.

He went on to say; “For maintenance tourism, we do the analysis of our target market and make the presentation of our country. There is no independent science in the Ministry of Family and Social Policy and the Ministry of Health, yet. There is a need to create a team that will only deal with care tourism”.

An official from Bursa Health Tourism Association provided information about the place of thermal health tourism in elderly care patients and pointed out that Turkey ranked third in thermal health tourism in the world and 7th in Europe.

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