Published On: Sat, Feb 9th, 2019

Turkey scheduled to put Rize-Artvin Airport into operation in October 2020.

Turkey scheduled to put RIZE-ARTVIN Airport into operation in October 2020.

Turkey is currently building another airport in Rize, a town along the eastern Black Sea coast and it has been announced that approximately 22 percent of the construction has been completed of the new airport that will be in operation by October 2020. The facility will serve as the 56th airport in the country. The project 34 km from Rize will be the second airport to be built on sea fill, after ORDU-GIRESUN airport on the Black Sea coast built several years ago.

A high official in the region has made explanations regarding the new airport, as follows;

“About 22 percent of the work has already been completed. The construction has been continuing with 400 workers and 99 machines. We consider it a great engineering work and investment. The facility will be finished by 29 October 2020.

This will be an investment with a positive impact on all other investments to be made in Rize because transportation is the lifeblood of every investment. This airport is a great investment not only for Rize and Artvin but also for our region and for the country. It will be an alternative to Trabzon airport. This region will no longer suffer transportation incapability due to bad weather conditions.

Last year Rize hosted about a million local and foreign tourists. This airport will be of utmost importance for foreign tourists from the Far East and Arab countries, in specific. It will be an airport suitable for big airplanes as well and is forecasted to serve about 3 million tourists annually.

In fact, we are planning to start year-round nature tourism in Rize and this airport will highly facilitate our work.”

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