Published On: Wed, Nov 27th, 2013

Turkey targets to become major energy hub in the region by 2023

TAP-PROJECTTurkey which has been trying to become a major player in Middle East politics for the last decade, has managed to gain some advantages regarding the war to control energy sources in the region for the coming years

As part of its efforts to realize concerned strategies, Turkey has become a partner of “The Southern corridor” as it is called that is supposed to provide a fourth gas source to European markets. In fact it has played a key role in the realization of the project. Trans-Adriatic Pipeline has been chosen by the producers of Azeri gas to carry the resource to Europe which has been very promising for Turkey on the way to becoming an energy hub in the coming years.

It is expressed by experts in the sector that Southern corridor is of top strategic importance which is why see the issue enjoys high emphasis from the European Commission, from the United States.

Within this framework Turkey has been an important actor in the realization of the Southern corridor that will carry Caspian gas to Europe. Thus it is very likely that within 10 to 15 years Turkey could become a central energy hub in the region with all of the big flows coming through.

As for Trans-Adriatic Pipeline, this is part of  the whole concept of the southern gas corridor, which is a brand-new corridor bringing a new supply source from the Caspian, Azerbaijan, all the way to Europe. Currently, there is one supply source from Russia, one supply from the North Sea and another one comes from North Africa which is why this project is referred to as the fourth corridor.

Talking about above projects we need know that these are the biggest worldwide. TAP is going to cover a huge distance from Baku to Italy and expected to cost somewhere round US$ 40-50 billion. As for capacity, the quantity of gas would have a value round $100 billion over 25 years. As for the employment it will create we are talking about 30,000 jobs.

And these are some factors why we refer to the project as huge and a great opportunity for Turkey.

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