Published On: Sun, Nov 5th, 2017

Turkey to become first buyer of natural gas instead of ultimate buyer


Turkey will become the first buyer of natural gas rather than ultimate buyer thanks to the Turkish Stream Project

The first line to form “Turkish Stream Gas Pipelines” entered the Exclusive Economic Zone of Turkey yesterday. It was stated by officials of the project that “Turkey would now become the first buyer of natural gas instead of being the ultimate buyer in the end and transit risks would be eliminated”.

The cooperation between Russia and Turkey in the field of natural gas is known to have started with 30 years ago “the Western Line”. Thanks to the Turkish Stream project natural gas will flow to Europe, through Turkey. Experts say this means Turkey will increase its strategic importance in the regional energy arena seriously. The officials say they expect to be able to start construction in Turkish territory in early 2018. The target is to be able to start the flow of natural gas at the end of 2019, and according to said officials the current level of progress complies with the foreseen schedule.

It is a known fact that Turkey is the second largest market for Russian gas after Germany. Today the Western Line route transits through Ukraine, Moldova, Romania and Bulgaria before reaching Turkey. The Blue Stream, which provides a direct connection, mainly supplies the eastern and central parts of Turkey. Turkish Stream will establish a new direct link to supply natural gas to Turkey’s industrialized cities with high population in the west. Therefore, Turkey will eliminate the transit risks by becoming the first buyer of natural gas instead of being the final buyer at the end of a long route as it is now.

It is expressed by officials of the project that the main reason for the construction of the Turkish Stream Deep-Water Pipeline is to secure the supply of gas to Turkey and South and Southeastern Europe. As of November the line passed from the exclusive economic region of Russia in the Black Sea to the exclusive economic region of Turkey on November 4th 2017. A total of 448 kilometers of pipeline with 224 kilometers in each of the lines forming the sea section of the project was completed. It is forecasted that construction in Turkish territory will start early 2018. The strategy here is based on “diversifying supply routes towards main buyers in Europe” thus strengthening supply security. The project is considered to be the most advanced pipeline built in sea ever, in terms of technology.

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