Published On: Sun, Nov 19th, 2017

Turkey’s deputy PM says depreciation in TL is associated with provocations

Deputy Prime Minister SIMSEK who said that Turkey suffered provocations in the field of economy mentioned that scenarios were being practiced on Turkish markets for several months via a lot of baseless unfavorable news and added “The depreciation in Turkish Lira has to do with this, as well”.

Deputy Prime Minister Mehmet SIMSEK who is responsible for the Turkish economy, said that Turkey was continuing to produce, invest and that it had closed the gap with western and European countries in this regard. He went on to say: “Some are in an effort of provocation against Turkey. During the last several months they having trying to play games over Turkish markets based on groundless claims.

Therefore the mobility in the markets recently and the depreciation of the Turkish lira has to do with such baseless news and provocations, mostly.

The minister also said that the reflections of the troubles in the surrounding countries and the effects of the terror especially felt over the last 1.5-2 year and treacherous coup attempt a while ago would be left behind.

SIMSEK said that people had got together in unity in this difficult period and thus succeeded and added “If Turkey has shown a great resistance against internal and external shocks in the recent period, it will continue to move ahead in the direction of civilization and development in a powerful manner, from now on as well.

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