Published On: Sat, Dec 2nd, 2017

Turkey’s Economy Minister Zeybekci says there is nothing to worry about

Commenting on the latest developments in foreign exchange rates, Minister Zeybekci said, “They are playing with the currencies and this is going to pass. We have always said this has to do with speculations in exchange rates. There is nothing to worry about”

The minister explained the betrayal that had started with GEZI protests and continued with December 17-25 incidents was put on the scene again. He said “same subjects, actors, system, figures and target…”

Stating that Turkey is now standing on its feet, Zeybekci drew attention to the performance of Turkey in 2016 despite the coup attempt on 15 July.

Zeybekci stated that the growth figures will be announced on December 11 and regardless who does whatever Turkey will be the number in the world, and historical peaks and records will be achieved at the end of the year.

Zeybekci pointed out that there were speculations on the exchange rates as well and said “They are playing with the currencies but these will be over. When you look at Turkey’s short term debts in terms of both private sector and state debts, we have enough reserves to pay all debts for a whole year. I am saying this as the Economy Minister. There is nothing to worry about but some are trying to play games using games played inside and outside, of course, in order to speculate.”

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