Published On: Wed, Sep 20th, 2017

Turkey’s education system becomes confusing again just before schools open

The 2017-18 education year in Turkey has begun with pending problems again among which a major issue has caused parents to be incur big confusion, just before the opening of schools. Experts say it is no surprise and this problematic situation repeats quite often due to both structural deficiencies and politically motivated curriculum debates.

The governing party is certainly known to be pro-Islamic and many believe they have always had the major issue of integrating Islamic Rule into this country, eventually to replace the secular system established by great Atatürk (founder of the republics) and his friends

This can be easily seen when new curriculum changes with highlight on more religious essays at the expense of the scientific and academic requirements of the new educational approach are examined.

The administration (pro-Islamic Ak Party, currently) would like and targets raise a much more conservative generation using the persuasive power of religion as well, ready to obey “what they are told to do or what is expected of them” without questioning (called biat culture in Turkish, meaning acknowledge someone to be one’s overlord or master and do as that master says etc.)

Seculars say the strategy is clear and simple: Undermine the secular social order in Turkey by breeding a more conservative generation regardless of the opposition from secular tens of millions (to total up to half of the population at least).

Now all of a sudden, based on an overnight decision made by the powerful man of the country “Primary Education Secondary Education Transition” (TEOG) is to be removed (the system was introduced by the same party in 2013) and replaced by another system. TEOG is a system in which approximately 1.2 million students do a test each year and earn placement in various high schools in accordance with their performance and the quotas of schools.

Today, the secular population is truly concerned that the target behind this move by the government is to oblige children to go to IMAM HATIP schools (religios vocational schools which raises imams) and thus enlarge number of its potential supporters to secure the regime it wishes to be estabished in the country.

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