Published On: Sat, Jan 13th, 2018

Turkey’s Erdogan says “They will see what we will do in a week” with reference to Idlib

Turkey’s Erdogan says “They will see what we will do in a week” with reference to Idlib

Turkey’s President Erdoğan delivering speech –

President Erdogan who attended the AK Party congress in Elazığ made a speech addressing important issues. Erdogan reacted to the most recent clashes in Syria and said “With the Euphrates operation we cut the terror corridor like with a knife. We are collapsing the western wing of this corridor with Idlib operation … We will do our own job in Idlib if promises made to us are not kept.”

We are a nation that knows how to take lessons from our history. We follow an active policy. With the operation of Fırat Kalkan, we cut out the terror corridor like cut with a knife. With Idlib operation, we are destroying the western wing of this corridor. If terrorists do not surrender in Afrin, we will destroy them. If the words given to us in Münbic are not fulfilled, we will take the matter to our won hands. We will keep fighting until there is not a single terrorist. They will see what we will do in a week (not before long). We destroyed 3,000 DEAS members from Cerablus to El Bab yesterday. In cas of need we will destroy another 3,000 terrorists, tomorrow. Those who stand against us in this struggle should turn around to look at themselves. We are not going to let anybody take a single piece of stone of this nation.

I hereby invite our allies, who support the terrorist organizations in Syria, to test (review) themselves. The number of weapons that the US has sent to terrorist organization in Syria is 4 thousand 900 TIR load. We are informed about these. There is no such alliance. We know that 2,000 plane load of guns have been delivered using small out of standard airfields. Some of the weapons they gave are already being sold on the black market and some are used against us.

We want to carry out our regional politics with the United States. This cannot be unilateral.  If USA insists on this risky approach, they will bear the results as well. We will take care of ourselves.

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