Published On: Sat, Jun 2nd, 2018

Turkey’s foreign trade deficit increases by 5.35 percent to US$ 7 billion 729 million

Turkey’s foreign trade deficit increases by 54.2 percent to USD 5.7 billion in February

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The Ministry of Customs and Trade published a bulletin covering data on foreign trade for May. It was mentioned in said bulletin that foreign trade deficit had increased by 5.35 percent to 7 billion 729 million dollars. Accordingly, exports increased by 5.57 percent to US$ 14 billion 338 million and imports rose by 5.49 percent to US$ 22 billion 67 million, compared to the same month last year

The most exported groups in May were recorded as “motor vehicles, tractors, bicycles, motorcycles and other land vehicles” with US$ 2 billion 303 million, “boilers, machinery, mechanical devices and appliances, nuclear reactors” with US$ 1 billion 400 million and iron and steel with US$ 902 million.

The most imported group in May was “mineral fuels, mineral oils and products derived from their distillation” with US$ 3 billion 685 million.

In May, the largest amount of exports was realized to Germany with US$ 1 billion 357 million followed by Italy with US$ 885 million and England with US$ 857 million.

The highest figures of imports were realized from China with US$ 2 billion 80 million followed by Russia with US$ 2 billion 51 million and Germany with US$ 2 billion 18 million.

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