Published On: Sat, Feb 24th, 2018

Turkey’s government has full support of its citizens regarding Afrin operation in Syria

Turks support the government regarding Afrin operation

Turkish Tanks in Afrin –

It is reported that Turkish citizens support the ongoing military operation in the Afrin town of Syria, with a majority of 89 percent. This finding based on a survey conducted by an expert survey company shows that Turks believe the operation could be an efficient means to eliminate the terror problem in the country.

Just to remind, top Turkish officials repeatedly claim the operation (Operation Olive Branch) does not target to invade any foreign territory but it aims to put an end to the existence of YPG ) along Turkey’s southern border.

According to the survey 54 percent of interviewed persons said the operation was against YPG whereas 20.2 percent thought it was against the PKK (operating in Turkey). Another 5 percent said it was to get rid of ISIS, so called Islamic State.

On the other hand, the picture in reality is interesting though. Because although PKK is accepted as a terrorist group by the United States, Washington does not agree that there are links between the PKK and YPG. The situation only becomes worse considering Washington has established the group called SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) and provided them with heavy arms to fight against ISIS in the region. In very simple words Washington cannot give up protecting YPG – and obviously does not want to do so for clear reasons.

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