Published On: Mon, Apr 29th, 2019

Turkey’s Ministry of Commerce starts digital exports with “Paperless Customs Project”

Turkey’s Ministry of Commerce starts digital exports with “Paperless Customs Project”

With the “Paperless Customs Project” which will be the first step to start digital exports, paper work will be minimized, the burden of keeping a large archive will be eliminated and disadvantages such as loss of time and additional costs will be ended.

Accordingly all documents related to the ”Paperless Customs Project” to be carried out by the Ministry of Trade for exportation and all documents and declarations submitted to the customs declaration were transferred to the electronic environment. In this context, documents added to the customs declaration will not be kept in paper form by the customs administration.

Documents added to the paper will be associated with the declaration on the Single Window System in a digital environment. The petitions related to the declaration will be prepared in digital environment via the same portal and sent to the Information System. The officials responsible for examining the declaration will be able to approve the documents loaded in the digital media from the system. Petitions can also be answered electronically from the officer screen.

This new system will be effective at all customs points as of tomorrow. Thus, with the application in which the processes in export processes can be monitored electronically, paper document presentation will be terminated, archiving burden will be eliminated and the time and cost loss experienced during the document and certificate declaration will be prevented.

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