Published On: Sun, May 12th, 2019

Turkey’s Parliament will have to work overtime for law concerning Cappadocia

It is reported that the Assembly will work overtime on the proposal for the law that will give the planning authority used by various institutions to Cappadocia Field Presidency only.

General Assembly of the Parliament will do overtime this week to discuss the proposed law by AK Party deputies regarding the protection of the historical, cultural and natural texture of Cappadocia and giving the authority of planning currently used by different institutions to Cappadocia Field Presidency to be established.

According to the proposal, it will not be possible to put into effect any applications against the protection principles for the transition period and conditions of use as well as commission decisions, in Cappadocia.

The Presidency of Cappadocia will be authorized to eliminate all kinds of ineligible practices in this area and to demolish structures and facilities in violation of this law, or have them demolished.

Activities such as the sale of the real estate owned by the Treasury and the public institutions and establishments in the Cappadocia area, construction of real estate in exchange of land or apartments, renting of places and alike operations will be carried out with the appropriate opinion of the Cappadocia Field Presidency. Immovable belonging to the registered foundations which are managed under the administration and control of the General Directorate of Foundations and managed by the Foundation shall be excluded from this scope.

The Cappadocia Field Commission will use the authority and be responsible for duties assigned to the regional committees to protect the cultural assets and the regional committees for protection of cultural assets in the Cappadocia Area. The Commission will also be authorized to make decisions regarding the registration, border changes and re-evaluation of natural sites within the Cappadocia Area.

The Commission will have the power to decide on the principles and conditions of use of the transition period in Cappadocia and all kinds of physical and construction implementations regarding the plans. Public institutions and organizations, municipalities and real and legal persons will have to comply with the commission decisions.

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