Published On: Sat, Dec 23rd, 2017

Turkey’s PM says USA should quit wrong decision it made regarding Jerusalem

Turkish PM criticizes US administration about Jerusalem decision -

Turkey’s PM says USA should quit wrong decision it made regarding Jerusalem

Regarding Jerusalem voting at UN, Turkey’s Prime Minister YILDIRIM said, “This is an open message to the United States, I hope that the US government will read this decision correctly and quit the wrong decision it has made“. Responding to the questions of journalists YILDIRIM commented on the UN’s anti-US Jerusalem decision and said “This decision (made by Trump) which is contrary to UN resolutions was not approved by the majority of the member states.

The PM also said that “I did it so it’s OK” approach would not be valid in the world order and that the universal fact that goes “I am powerful because I am right” on the contrary to “I am right because I have the power” has once again prevailed.

YILDIRIM added “I hope the US administration will read this decision correctly and give up on this wrong decision they have made”

“Half a century long conflict between Israel and Palestine has caused great suffering. This should not go on. In case new problem areas emerge while fighting against the terrorist organization, this will be the beginning of a major disaster. This decision will be an opportunity to give up on the wrong.

 Turkey which assumes the term presidency of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has played an active and leading role on this issue right from the beginning.

Our President invited member states to an extraordinary summit followed by the UN General Assembly process and voting. Turkey will pursue this matter. Our concern is to take sides with the righteous. To take sides with the strong does not exist in our tradition or concept of law.

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