Published On: Sun, Sep 3rd, 2017

Turkey’s request to freeze FETÖ assets rejected by Germany

Merkel rejects Turkey's request to freeze Fetö assets

According to reports, Germany officially rejected the request of Turkey to freeze the assets belonging to the members of the FETO organization. According to a source Turkey had requested Germany to freeze the assets of the FETO members in Germany, with a list of 80 people, in April.

Yesterday two German citizens were detained in Antalya Airport due to “connection to the FETO organization” causing further tension in Berlin-Ankara relations. German Foreign Ministry was informed that those citizens had been taken into custody.

Merkel made a statement after the incident and said “After the situation that has arisen today, perhaps we need to re-examine this policy”. She went on to say “Most of these detainments are definitely not based on solid ground. Therefore we need to give a response with determination, at this point”.

The Berlin administration has been making announcements for the release of German citizen Deniz Yücel, who has been detained for 200 days, and the German trainer Peter Steudtner, who was arrested and detained during the meeting in Büyükada.

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