Published On: Fri, Apr 14th, 2017

Turkey’s survey companies announce last poll results for referendum on new constitution

Turkey's Referendum for constitution amendment

Only a few days left before the most vital referendum for the Republic of Turkey, local research establishment circulate findings of their poll activities. Among these are SONAR, AVRASA, ANAR and several more closely watched by both parties supporting “yes” and “no”” options and the public certainly. One thing seems to be quite clear even now; Based on results made public so far the competition between yes and no is breathe taking and the final result will be achieved by a very minor difference between two options.

To provide an example SONAR research institute has announced the results of their latest poll on the referendum. Mr. BAYRAKCI, the head executive posted a comment on his TW account saying: “Almost all research institutes have claimed their last results signal a 53-54% of YES. SONAR’s result: 51.2% NO; 48.8% YES.”

On the other hand another establishment called AKAM has commented that “No” votes will certainly prevail in referendum in Turkey. Whereas ANAR another survey company has announced that yes votes are in the lead so far.

On Sunday, April 16th Turkish citizens will go to ballot boxes to make their choices over a constitutional amendments package found very controversial by opposition as it suggests expansion of the current president’s (Erdoğan) power while almost eliminating items ensuring checks and balances between the branches of the regime system, in practice.


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