Published On: Tue, Jan 7th, 2020

Turkey’s Tourism Minister says 58 million tourists will bring US$ 40 billion in 2020

Turkey’s Tourism Minister has said Turkey targets 58 million tourists to bring revenue of US$ 40 in 2020. The minister also explained Turkey should introduce new holiday destinations not to lose tourists to different markets. He said we have Russian tourists who have come to Antalya 40 times. We should try to make new destinations such as Aegean region in our country attractive for them to come more times.

Tourism Minister Ersoy delivering a speech in “”Tourism Transformation scenarios promotion” meeting organized by TÜSIAD (Turkey Tourism Investors Association organized) said that tourism policies could not be effective and sustainable unless tourism marketing is not spread to the base adding “priority, mindset and vision should change”.

He went on to say, “After the change of mindset and vision, another priority of ours is the spread of tourism revenues to the base. Another change of mindset and vision should be to create new attractions. Tourism has another problem that we call repeat guest. We have Russian tourists who have come to Antalya 40 times. We should introduce them the Aegean region intensively and aim to shift them to the Aegean coasts. Otherwise we will lose them to different destinations outside Turkey.”

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