Published On: Sun, Sep 2nd, 2018

Turkey’s Treasury and Finance Minister says government knows steps to be taken

Turkey’s Treasury and Finance Minister says government knows steps to be taken

Mr. Berat Albayrak, Turkey’s Treasury Finance Minister


Treasury and Finance Minister Berat ALBAYRAK who made a statement regarding most recent economic picture said “We are well aware of the steps we need to take to ensure that we have the strong economy we want”. ALBAYRAK made a speech at the meeting for a campaign called “We will win together” to promote support credits for Turkey’s small medium enterprises (SME).

ALBAYRAK’s statements were as follows:

Banks in Turkey are in a strong solidarity like they have never been in the banking history of Turkey. Turkey is presenting the world a very strong picture of solidarity today. We are aware of the initiative started against our country. Today we have closed ranks to overcome this challenge even stronger.

We are also aware of our strengths as well as our weaknesses. We know very well the steps we need to take. We will see the change over the next 5 years. No one should have any doubts that we will have the strong economy we desire. We expressed our willingness to fight inflation with effective fiscal policies. We have launched a stronger fiscal policy process than ever before. Turkey has a very determined authority in power. We will stick to the savings process in the public very efficiently. A much better public balance sheet is waiting for us this year.

We have stated that we will stand behind both the banks and the real sector. Immediately after the currency attacks, rating companies spent intense effort to paint a negative picture regarding our banks, targeting them. No matter how hard they try our banks will keep moving on, in the most powerful way.”

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