Published On: Fri, Oct 21st, 2016

Turkish BRISA targets to rank among top 10 tire companies globally within 5 years


A brand (trademark) can be the most valuable asset of a company, especially if it is a globally well-known one. In turkey unfortunately, we cannot say we have many companies with “worldwide” popular brands except for a few such as ARÇELİK, VESTEL etc. Apparently BRISA, another Turkish company manufacturing tires, now targets to accomplish a global success with its brand LASSA. BRISA belongs to SABANCI group the second largest conglomerate of Turkey.

Here is what Mr. YIGIT GURCAY, top executive of the company has to say about developments in the market and their efforts to make LASSA a global brand.

“BRISA, a joint venture between SABANCI HOLDING and BRIDGESTONE CORPORATION, has left behind 28 years of success in the local market with a market share of 33 percent.  The Turkish tire market enjoyed a growth of 9,4 percent with a performance surpassing of world average with a total sales figure of 22,4 million units in 2015, of which 6 million were sold by LASSA”.

The Company’s successful performance in the domestic market is encouraging for the management to target similar success stories abroad. Although the objective to maintain its strong position in the domestic market is of priority according to management plans, getting established in foreign markets is considered a must for the company’s medium term business strategy. The management has strong faith that Lassa could be made a global player in the sector based on strong prospects and outstanding market opportunities. In fact the management has already made a schedule to put LASSA among top 10 players in ten countries within next 5 years latest. Based on market studies, these markets with advantageous prospects are Spain, France, Greece, the Balkans, China, South Korea, covers a wide geographic area, such as North Africa and Iran.


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