Published On: Sat, Oct 7th, 2017

Cavusoglu says there is no reason for conflict between Turkey and Germany

Cavusoğlu gives interview to Spiegel about German Turkish relations

Foreign Minister ÇAVUSOGLU has stated that despite the difficulties last year, there is no reason for problems between Turkey and Germany. Turkey’s Foreign Minister who gave an interview to the German magazine “Der Spiegel” said he still believed that bilateral relations would return to normal after the general elections in Germany and he was ready to make an effort in regards. He added that despite the fact it had been a tough year in 2016, there was no reason why Turkey and Germany should have problems with each other.

The minister expressed that both countries experienced a difference in opinion especially due the referendum held in Turkey and added that Turkey was uncomfortable as Turkish government politicians were not allowed to speak in Germany. He also said; “But I said to my friend Sigmar before elections that we should look ahead and if Germany took us one step towards us, we would take two steps towards Germany”.

In response to a question that Erdogan interfered with the elections this time the minister replied President Erdogan had never interfered with the elections in Germany so far and went on to say “Since when is President Erdogan in power? Since 2002, isn’t he? Has he ever interfered in German elections? No. Germany has been involved in our internal affairs by favoring a party during the referendum, and Germany has campaigned against the presidential system. This could not have been ignored (meaning it had to be retaliated).

The minister also said “Erdogan has never started a conflict with Germany on his own initiative but has always reacted to some charges from Germany”

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