Published On: Sun, Sep 17th, 2017

Turkish Hyundai Assan ready to extend support for production of domestic automobile

Domestic car production in Turkey has been among the top priorities of the Ak Parti government for a long while as expressed by ERDOGAN over and over again. However, no automotive group has volunteered to accomplish this mission so far believing it would not be a feasible investment (and a giant one surely) for the investing group.

Regarding this issues however, the chairman of one of the leading vehicle production groups in Turkey has made positive and promising statements. The chairperson of Hyundai Assan group has stated Hyundai would be ready to provide support for a domestic car production if requested.

In an interview with the press the Chairman provided information about the latest trends in domestic automotive sector, brand new investments and the latest models planned to produce.

He said they were working at full capacity, but they had also started working to increase it in the near future, adding they would do automation and additional investments to achieve realize said increase.

He chairman also mentioned It would be a very positive situation for consumers to demand domestic cars and the process for domestic car production was being carried out by the chairman of the Turkish Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB), currently.

The chairman and added  they would be able to extend support regarding hardware, seat, business and design related issues if the company that received the job made a request.

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