Published On: Tue, Sep 10th, 2019

Could Turkish politics experience important developments in the coming period?


Turkish politics likely to experience important developments in the coming period

While struggling with major difficulties in the areas of both local and foreign politics as well as economy, Turkey’s ruling party could face another challenge in domestic politics in the coming months. Indeed ALI BABACAN, one of the former AK Party ministers and known to have a good reputation in the financial circles globally, has just announced he will establish his new party before 2020.

Regarding the issue Babacan has said “The conditions of AK Party’s founding period and today’s conditions are very different. Therefore, both the environment in which the present work originates and the target audience is very different according to the 2001 conditions. We are planning to emerge by transforming our activities into legal entities before 2020”

Having shared this we need to highlight Babacan has already resigned from AK Party due to his disagreement with recent performance and practices of the ruling party and has thus started his new journey in politics to become more active in the future of the country.

Without going into details here as to which performance and practices of AK Party are not considered to be favorable (as such details have already been on the agenda for a long while) we need to make one point clear. It is not a secret that Turkey’s President is very much disturbed with this latest development as on the contrary to new initiative by DAVUTOGLU, one of the former PMs of Turkey, as BABACAN has always managed to keep his profile and image of an esteemed and well balanced politician as well as an expert in economy by keeping away from harmful debates and disputes in domestic politics. In more simple words he is quite an acceptable (and even reliable for many) figure in the eyes of the public and the more so in the eyes of the right wing conservative voters – we could easily say.

This is not to say his party could steal away a majority share of votes from powerful ERDOGAN’s party, however there could be quite many voters to use their preferences for the new party to be established and in fact good enough to cause AK Party (together with its coalition partner MHP) to lose majority in the parliament. Furthermore, this development could also affect the Presidential election ending up with an eventual victory of the opposition against Turkey’s current President.

Apparently all above are based on latest developments in Turkey and the opinions shared by experts both on media and on Youtube channels in specific, as many true experts are now broadcasting on their channels on Youtube.

At the end of the day, if and when the elections are held (some experts expect early elections by the way) the ruling party and the President may have a tougher challenge this time and it is not a very remote possibility that power could change hands in Turkey.

At this point one could say; “Not the exact time for such a change, is it – as Turkey is involved in so many tough issues currently?” True, but politics (and LIFE in fact) does not always have a good habit of CHOSING the most adequate time, unluckily.

So, let’s hope and pray everything turns out to the benefit of Turkey (hope nobody minds the author making this statement, as he is Turkish) and humanity as well, it goes without saying.

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