Published On: Wed, Jul 6th, 2016

Turkish property attracts strong interest from foreigners

Screenshot_5Housing industry representatives forecast that amount of houses to be sold to foreigners in 2016 could total up to USD 10 billion. Professional in the sector say in 2015 sales to foreigners remained at about USD 5 billion despite a period of political and financial difficulties, which meant it was a considerable success after all. They also comment that in some countries false campaigns that there was civil war in southeastern Turkey were put into circulation which had a disturbing impact on many prospective buyers causing them to flee from this market and the official authorities in charge should take action to prevent such false anti-propaganda.

On the other hand, agencies that bring over foreign prospective customers to buy houses in Turkey should be supervised properly. Some of them demand high sales commissions from buyers which in return has an inflating impact on prices by 5-10 percent. If all parties responsible for a good operation in the sector do their work properly, property sales to foreigners will amount to USD 10 billion, as this country is a true spot of attraction due to its offerings as well as construction quality.

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