Published On: Sat, Apr 16th, 2016

Turkish real estate sector attracts huge attention from investors in Middle East



Turkey, a country with so much to offer such as sun, sea, beautiful nature, friendly people, value for money, low cost of Living and much more ranks top of the list among countries attracting attention from wealthy buyers in the Middle East in particular.

The reason for this situation does not only relate to sun and sea obviously. There are many other factors why investors prefer this country to evaluate their Money to the best.

To start off with Turkish economy is reported to rank number one among fastest growing economies in the world with inflation reduced to one digit figures from 70 percent per annum.

Airlines fly to this country from many major destinations not to forget Turkish Airlines has also been among the fastest growing service providers in the world recently with flights to many spots all over the world.

Turkey offers state-of-the-art technology in communication to include internet and telecommunication systems and owns a modern highway network as well which makes travelling an enjoyable experience across the country.

We should not forget either Turkey has one of the most liberal foreign exchange regimes in the world. The Turkish Lira is fully convertible and property owners and investors can freely transfer their capital or profits abroad.

So when these facts are put together it is no wonder Turkey is one of the most favored countries among global property investors and due to above points property prices in Turkey have been on the rise for several years now and are expected to continue to rise over the next 3 to 5 years as well.

Many experts believe it is the right time to invest in Turkey now.

Tolga ERTUKEL (Guest Writer)

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