Published On: Sat, Mar 4th, 2017

Turkish Statistical Institute says inflation rate reaches double-digit figure


Turkish government was obviously not very pleased with the report from TUIK (Turkish Statistical Institute) which said  inflation rate had reached double-digit figure again after five years. According to data by TUIK,  consumer prices (TÜFE) have hiked by 7.88% and domestic producer prices by 5.87%. The report says “increasing by 10.13%, the annual Consumer Price Index has reached double-digit the first time after April 2012”.

The highest hike on monthly basis was seen in the transportation group with 2.82%, followed by health sector with 2.17%; various goods and services with 1.38%; housing with 1.18%; entertainment and culture with 0.89%. The highest drop was seen in clothing and shoes with 3.35% in the groups that were included in monthly basis index in February.

The highest hike in the TÜFE was marked in the group of alcoholic beverages and tobacco with 21.72%, followed by transportation group with 17.96%; various goods and services with 12.82%; health with 12.53%; education with 9.33%. (HK/TK)


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