Published On: Thu, Nov 2nd, 2017

Turkish Steel Sector and TATMETAL, a leading “flat steel producer”

Worldwide steel production in 2016 rose to 1 billion 629 million tons corresponding to a 0.8 percent increase as compared to 2015 whereas Turkey’s steel production increased by 5.2% in 2016 to 31,163 million tons. Based on the agreement signed between “the European Coal and Steel Community” (ECSC) and Turkey in 1996 customs taxes have been abolished in the bilateral steel trade. The agreement allows Turkey to sell iron and steel products to EU member states without customs duties. In accordance with the provisions of the ECSC agreement however, Turkey is not allowed to provide steel industry with any incentives. On to the contrary to expectations by many this has helped the Turkish Steel Industry to become even stronger.

Generally speaking, all steel companies operating in Turkey belong to the private sector and Turkish steel producers have grown the habit of pursuing technological developments regularly in order to consolidate the global market position of the industry in the long run. The steel industry, one of the most developed sectors in Turkey, is the fifth sector that makes the biggest contribution to the Turkish economy today. One can observe several Turkish companies that have established a good reputation in the sector, on a global level and TATMETAL is certainly among them.


TATMETAL which is one of the leading flat steel producers in Turkey supplies the construction, automotive industry, white goods, heating and cooling sectors in the local and global markets under the brand name TATCELIK.

The company which uses state-of-the-art technology in its manufacturing plants exports to 48 different countries on the way to achieving its target to become a global brand.

In addition to providing the foreign currency earnings from exports, provides that employment with the district and national development TATMETAL continues to contribute, as well as social responsibility projects mainly local youth to the training of people to continue on working for the development.

TATMETAL is proud to be contributing to foreign revenues of Turkey thanks to its export performance, not to forget the contribution it makes regarding development of the country and its people via employment opportunities it creates as well as social responsibility projects it makes available in the region it is located.

TATMETAL carries out its cutting, slitting and shaping (trapeze, corrugated, ridge) operations in its Steel Service Centers with 3 different platforms aiming to fulfil “maximum level of customer expectations”. In addition to the production facilities and sales offices in EREGLI, the company runs sales offices in Istanbul and Bursa to shorten the distances and strengthen relations with its customers.

TATMETAL is also committed to supplying high quality products and services as well as providing quality after-sales services to its partners in business.


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