Published On: Sun, Jan 15th, 2012

Türkiye İş Bankası (Business Bank) .. Ranked within 100 out of world’s 1,000 largest banks

ISBANKIsbank which ranks within first 100 among 1,000 largest banks in the world was established as the first national private bank of the Turkish Republic.

According to June 2010 reports Isbank is the country’s leading private bank in terms of size of assets, credits and deposits.

The asset size of Isbank is TL 124 billion.
The bank has a credit volume of  TL 57 billion and deposit volume of TL 80 billion.

Isbank is in possession of a market share of 13,6 percent in assets, 12,5 percent in credits aand 14% in deposits.

As of the second quarter of 2010 with its 23,665 employees and 1,119 branches Isbank is the largest provider of employment in the Turkish banking sector.

Isbank has a representative office in China. The bank’s 15 branches in Europe including 11 in Germany are operated by Isbank GmbH based in Germany. This bank is the largest in Turkey and the Middle East.

Shown as one of the world’s most valuable 100 banking brands by Brand Finance which is the brand valuation unit of the Banker, Isbank is officially the only Turkish bank competing on the international stage of world’s most recognized and reliable establishments.

Isbank is known for many firsts that it has introduced to Turkish banking system as listed below.

  • Use of daily checks for daily spending
  • Bankamatik which became a brand name referring to ATM machines in Turkey
  • First branches of Turkish banks in Europe and Cyprus
  • First online banking branch
  • WAP system enabling banking transactions via mobile phones etc..


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