Published On: Sun, Jun 25th, 2017

Report says Turks love to do shopping on foreign websites on the internet

Turks are truly so eager to spend and consume … This we have known for years from observations. In fact, this observation is once again proved as it has been announced by a statement made by a reliable official source that online purchasing by credit cards from abroad reached TL 5.4 billion by the end of 2016. A much higher figure could be expected by the end of 2017.

Yes, it really sounds interesting; Turks will get almost anything to include underwear from online shopping portals such as They take the cell phones out of their pockets enter the credit card and that’s it, simple as that.

Interestingly, if this tempo continues, it is expected that this figure will reach 8 billion TL by 2020. In such case on the other hand, the tax administration would be profitable as well, because it would be possible to obtain tax revenue of hundreds of millions of TL depending on the tax rate to be applied. This has to do with organizing a withholding tax by the government, on expenditures made through e-commerce companies that are not tax-paying in Turkey. It is expected that this will be a serious step for the development of the e-commerce sector by preventing unfair competition and Istanbul Finance Center will make important contributions to this arrangement, as well.

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