Published On: Sat, Nov 4th, 2017

Two-faced policies in ME and untimely step from Barzani thrown away by USA

Barzani leaves his post as President of Iraqi Kurdish Regional Government.

A few days ago a piece of news on internet sites read: “A closed session was held yesterday in the Kurdish Parliament, where the powers of IKBY President Masud Barzani were transferred to other authorities. Iraqi Kurdish Regional Government (IKBY) President Massoud Barzani did not accept the extension of his presidency which ended on November 1st. A letter sent by Barzani was read at the session”. In the letter Barzani used following expressions; “I do not want to continue my duty as president as of November 1. At the same time, I do not agree to “amendments in the presidential legislation or extension of the duration of my presidency.” Barzani also noted that he would continue to work in the public “for the acquisition of rights and protection of gained achievements”.

This statement said nothing more than the picture of a defeated man – once demanding and ambitious – trying to express his failure in a desperate way. The question is “who failed him?”

Wise men say there are no friends or enemies in politics which has absolutely proved to be true on thousands of occasions for hundreds of years. Moreover the perspective on life (to cover relations as well) that goes “YESTERDAY WAS YESTERDAY TODAY IS TODAY” (we need to remind here not to forget tomorrow is tomorrow) is certainly adopted and often (if not always) practiced by the USA, in specific. Everybody has learned (or should have done so by now) there is no such thing as “friends” in politics – although this is probably the most frequently pronounced word in the world of politics. The word “friends” (or partners sometimes) only means “our benefits coincide/match or are in harmony at this moment”.

Well, a typical and yet quite striking example of this “ruthless principle” was lived through in front of the eyes of the whole world a few weeks ago only. Masoud Barzani the leader and president (resigned now) of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region from 2005 to 2017 was simply thrown into the political graveyard, by the USA. This Kurdish politician was pumped up by the USA all the way – and backed up by Israel which supports the establishment of s Kurdish state in the Middle East – and thought it was already the time to establish the new Kurdish State (often referred to the Great Kurdistan). However he was surprised to see things did not go as planned when the USA withdrew its support for such a step that would no doubt turn out to be a major source of even bigger turmoil in the region.

It goes without saying that was (or must have been) a hard learned lesson for Barzani and certainly a high price paid by Kurds badly tantalized, if not anything else.

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