Published On: Wed, Mar 7th, 2018

Ulker, Turkish food giant announces highest turnover and profit in its history

Ulker, Turkish food giant announces highest turnover and profit in its history

Murat Ülker,boss of Ülker Group –

Turkish food giant ULKER which operates in the food sector producing items such as chocolate, dairy, biscuits, cakes etc. has made an announcement sharing its financial results for 2017. Based on the announcement, the group increased its sales by 14.7 percent to TL 4.8 billion and its net profit by 51.6 percent to TL 431 million in 2017, thus achieving the highest turnover and net profit of its history.

The CEO of the company expressed that the company had reached the highest figures in 2017, as a result of its overseas and domestic operations which displayed a steady growth for the last five years.

Ulker also concluded additional company acquisitions (such as purchase of UI Mena B.V.) in 2017 within the framework of growth strategies in the Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia region thus completing an important step towards strengthening Ülker’s position in the Middle East and North Africa market, consolidating its operations, increasing its market share and becoming a local production base in the region.

The CEO also stated that the company had started producing new market series of Godiva which is among the world’s leading premium chocolate brands, in Turkey. Simultaneously the company started exporting Godiva products all over the world, England and Europe to be in the first place.

ULKER group aims to increase its sales and profitability performance and competition capability using efficient manufacturing technologies at its production facilities with high technology thanks to the innovation centers established within the group. The group is determined to take its place among giant enterprises in its sector, on the globe.

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