Published On: Fri, Mar 15th, 2019

Unemployment rate in Turkey increases by 3 points in December 2019

Unemployment in Turkey increases by 3 points in December 2019

The unemployment rate in Turkey went up to 13.5 percent in December corresponding to an increase of 3.1 percent as compared to same month of previous year. During the same period, the number of unemployed persons increased by 1 million 11 thousand persons to 4 million 302 thousand people.

Turkey Statistical Institute (TSI), announced employment statistics for December 2018.

Accordingly, across Turkey the number of unemployed at the age of 15 and over increased to 4 million 302 thousand people in December last year with an increase of 1 million 11 thousand as compared to same period previous year. In the same period, the unemployment rate rose by 3.1 points to 13.5 percent.

Unemployment rate increased by 1.2 points in December 2018 compared to the previous month. Non-agricultural unemployment rate was estimated as 15.6 percent with 3.3 percentage points increase.

In the same month, the youth unemployment rate for the 15-24 age group, increased by 5.3 points to 24.5 percent. The unemployment rate was realized as 13.7 percent with an increase of 3.1 points in the 15-64 age group.

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